Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oklahoma Love

I'm here in Oklahoma now since Thursday, December 31st. It's been nice to have had Jeric at home with me all day the last couple of days. However he is back to work, and without our dogs Niko and Noah home with me, and in this big house it gets kind of lonely. Jeric does come home for lunch and we have lunch together on days when he doesn't get tied up with things at work. I am trying to stay busy by doing chores around the house, cleaning, doing laundry and getting our stuff and the house ready for our move. We found someone to rent, so we are thrilled about that. In this horrible economy, it's really not the best time to sell a property, we'll wait until the house goes up in value. Living in Oklahoma really isn't too bad. I wake up when Jeric gets up to go to work. And I'm always greeted by the sunrise. It has not rained here at all since I've been here, but it does get much colder at night than in Seattle. Though I miss having a schedule to follow, waking up to go to work, it's a nice to change to be at home and taking it easy.

I'm also learning German at home. So far it's been quite easy picking up vocabularies like numbers, and body parts. I have not yet attempted to construct complete sentences, but I'm getting there little by little; there's always got to be a starting point somewhere. It's exciting for me that I'm getting German much easier than I thought I would. The pronounciation of some German words like head, des koph and twenty, zwanzig pose a challenge for me. For now I can't move my tongue the way it should to accurately pronounce these words. I do confess that being exposed to a few other language helps a great deal with learning a new one. Its easier to make connections and helps with memorization.

The brethren from church are amazing and so welcoming!! I love the feel of a smaller locale; the bond feels genuine. We spent part of New Years eve at church playing Just Dance on Wii and eating awesome food. We later moved the party to our house, and we all welcomed the New Year here.

I haven't been out much since Jeric is back to work and I've caught this horrible cold/flu-like sickness. My throat is really sore and I've developed this hoarseness in my voice. It is painful to eat, and I've had a low grade fever. On the plane on my way here, I sat next to two inconsiderate sick people and they didn't bother to cover their cough.. and here I am sick and trying to feel better. I'm hoping to be brand-spanking new before Jeric and I fly back to Seattle and visit my family. I would hate to carry this sickness like this back home.

So tomorrow I'm going to finally get my haircut, my hair is way too long now. And later on Jeric and I and a few other church friends are going to see the Thunders vs Memphis game. It's the only home game that Jeric and I can go watch before our big move. Essentially right now, life is slow pace, counting down the days until we leave, and trying to spend as much time as possible with the people we are going to miss so much.

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  1. Good luck learning German! It's definitely easier to make connections in your head when learning languages if you've already had to learn another language. I'm hoping to learn a little bit of Estonian! I hope you feel better, too! Your birthday is so soon and it would suck to be sick for it! Have fun lounging in OK! Maybe you could make Jeric some cOoooOkies?!